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Join the Sunset Music Series VOLUNTEER TEAM

The Sunset Music Series seeks community members to assist with the following volunteer tasks at each concert...

Posted at the pylon line at Charles Daley Park entrance to direct incoming cars to parking area & help maintain steady traffic flow into park – 1.5 hours beginning at 5:45pm.

Volunteers welcome guests and distribute concert flyers at the gate.

Posted in the Handicapped Parking Area at Charles Daley Park – 1.5 hours beginning at 5:45pm.

Volunteers assist guests with disabilities to carry their belongings to a comfortable spot in the park where they can enjoy the concert.

To collect 'free will' donations from the audience at INTERMISSION – 10 minutes beginning at approximately 7:40pm.

Volunteers, in pairs, 'pass the bucket' in their assigned section of the park to collect voluntary cash donations from audience members.


 Each volunteer receives a Sunset Music Series VOLUNTEER T-SHIRT.

Please check the concert lineup and send us a list of dates when you're available to volunteer this summer!

We will follow-up to confirm your participation and include you on our email distribution list for our weekly issue of the Sunset Music Series Volunteer Schedule.



Volunteering at Sunset Music Series concerts is a great way to build your "community involvement activities" portfolio.
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Become a Sunset Music Series SPONSOR

With crowds averaging 1200 people per concert for a total attendance of 11,000 during the 2013 season, Charles Daley Park has become the 'place to be' each Tuesday evening during July & August. Of audience members surveyed at the close of Sunset Music Series 2013,  approximately 40% were residents of the Town of Lincoln with 60% from St. Catharines and other municipalities throughout Niagara region and beyond.

The Sunset Music Series is a self-sustaining community project now in its 5th season. Admission and parking are free. The series annual budget is approximately $19,000. The average cost for each concert is $1600 for musicians and sound system. The remaining $5000 covers  promotion, advertising, parking & miscellaneous expenses.

SMS-venue-smThe Rotary Club of Lincoln administers the Sunset Music Series project and is responsible for securing sponsors to offset expenses not covered by audience donations received during the 'free will' collection at each concert. The Town of Lincoln issues charitable donation  receipts for those sponsors who require them for tax purposes.

The Rotary Club of Lincoln invites your business to put itself in this picture at Sunset Music Series 2014.

By sponsoring ONE or more concerts @ $500 each, your opportunity is to mount a promotional display and welcome guests in close proximity to The Rotary Shell - the concert stage. With your sponsorship also comes recognition for your business on the Sunset Music Series website.

Please complete and submit the SUNSET MUSIC SERIES 2014 SPONSORSHIP FORM

Once your completed form is received, we will contact you to confirm details for your sponsorship and make arrangements for your payment.
We look forward to your support!.

8 available

ONE or more CONCERTS in the 2014
Sunset Music Series based on first

  • Name (& logo) recognition on all promotional materials & website
  • Verbal recognition at all concerts
  • Opportunity to mount a display & "welcome guests"
    at your chosen concert
  • Quote in relevant media releases


To be recognized as a 2014 Sunset
Music Series CHAMPION.

  • Name (& logo) recognition on all promotional
    materials & website

Become a Sunset Music Series PERFORMER

In November 2014, check here for the Call for Performers for the Sunset Music
Series in July & August 2015...